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5515 St-Jacques St. West, Suite 201, Montreal, Quebec  H4A 2E3
Tel.: 514-735-5547
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Wait time
The CDN Physiatry Clinic sets itself apart from all other physiatry clinics in Quebec in terms of the quality of its wide-ranging services as well as its short wait time. 
The wait time for a physiatry consultation is four to six months 
(compared to two years in other physiatry clinics), 
three weeks for an EMG laboratory consultation, and 
three to four weeks for a consultation in our spasticity clinic.
There is no wait time for physiotherapy, osteopathy, or occupational therapy appointments.

For physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or acupuncture appointments at the clinic for accident victims (CSST, SAAQ) the wait time is less than one week.

In the case of free physiotherapy treatments for patients ages 65 and over, an assessment by a physiatrist is required (wait time is a function of this).
Other services available in the building:
J.E. Hanger – Orthotics and Prosthetics laboratory
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs): Clinic Sud Ouest IRM
Walk-in clinic (general practitioners)
Proxim pharmacy
Clinic MDCM (general practitioners and other medical specialists)
Orthopedic clinic

What is a physiatrist?

A physiatrist is a physician who specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of different illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. He or she coordinates the patient’s rehabilitation.

How to reach us

5515 St-Jacques West, Suite 201

201, Montreal, Quebec H4A 2E3

Tel. : 514-735-5547
Fax : 514-735-5722

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